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Behavior in Organizations:Global Edition 10th Edition
For one-semester, undergraduate and graduate level courses in Organizational Behavior. Unique and current insight on the everyday processes and phenomena of OB. Behavior in Organizations shows students the real world of OB through its blend of cutting-edge research and practical applications. Th..
₦ 22,734
E-commerce 2014, Global Edition, 10 Edition
The market-leading text for E-commerce. This comprehensive, market-leading text emphasizes the three major driving forces behind E-commerce—technology change, business development, and social issues—to provide a coherent conceptual framework for understanding the field. The tenth edition features..
₦ 21,144
In this book, readers are introduced to the foundations of Organizational Behavior through the self-discovery of their own personalities, preferences, abilities, and learning styles. The concepts of individual, group, and organizational behavior are delivered in a way that allow readers to envision ..
₦ 37,397
International Management, 4th Edition
As in previous editions of this popular text on cross-cultural management, students will find here an invaluable guide to key management theories, linked to practical examples from all round the world. The book's key distinctive feature remains its truly international profile, with current examples ..
₦ 21,144
Strategic Management and Organisational Dynamics The challenge of complexity to ways of thinking about organisations
6th Edition
Renowned for its unconventional thinking, Strategic Management and Organisational Dynamics continues to be a refreshing alternative for students and lecturers of strategic management specifically looking for ‘something different’. Stacey challenges the conceptual orthodoxy of planned strat..
₦ 21,778
Organization: Contemporary Principles and Practice
This exciting sequel to John Child's classic text, Organization, provides a current, comprehensive guide to organizational management in today's world, with additional teaching website supports. Written in an approachable style, and featuring new international examples, this is a major contemporary ..
₦ 21,144
Brilliant Checklists for Project Managers Your Shortcut to Success
2nd Edition
Everything you need to know to run any project – smoothly, successfully and on time.Every one of the unique checklists in this book is fast, focused and has been written especially for busy project managers just like you. Quickly access hundreds of essential tips and tricks, discover vital insi..
₦ 8,391
Handbook of Organizational Learning and Knowledge
In an era of far-reaching changes, organizational learning and knowledge creation are high on the agenda of social scientists, managers, and consultants worldwide as they seek to adapt to new environments. The Handbook of Organizational Learning and Knowledge provides a comprehensive overview of how..
₦ 27,625
Brilliant Influence What the Most Influential People Know, Do and Say
Whatever you do in life, whatever you hope to achieve, Brilliant Influence will help you get there – with the power of influence. It shows you how to build the support, trust and respect you need to propel your life forwards to take on challenge after challenge. Based on over twenty years of i..
₦ 7,753
Business firms around the world are experimenting with new organizational designs, changing their formal architectures, their routines and processes, and their corporate cultures as they seek to improve their current performance and their growth prospects. In the process they are changing the scope ..
₦ 12,750
International Business
Written by two leading international business scholars, the Second Edition of International Business takes a truly global perspective that goes beyond the United States, presents the latest concepts, tools and events and adopts integrated and problem-solving approaches for all chapters. The book hig..
₦ 25,500
International Human Resource Management Globalization, National Systems and Multinational Companies
2nd Edition
This exciting text tackles the issues raised by cross-national differences in HRM styles. It offers a readable introduction to International HRM, identifying a number of key themes: the meaning of globalization and the extent to which it is a novel phenomenon; the challenges to national traditions; ..
₦ 20,184